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Uncle B’s Southern-Style BBQ in Phoenixville

Uncles B's BBQ Pulled Pork Sammich
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12.01.2022 Update: We are sad to inform you that Uncle Bs closed its doors the weekend after Thanksgiving. We loved Uncle Bs BBQ, sitting outside on the picnic tables, and enjoying all of Bs barbecue options. However, as much as we will miss B’s barbecue, when one door closes, another opens. Root Down Brewing Company will be reopening the doors at what was once Uncle B’s Bar B Q with a new name. Check back soon!

Southern-Style BBQ in Phoenixville

If you are craving BBQ in Pennsylvania, there is only one place to go. Uncle B’s BBQ features authentic, southern-style BBQ that is going to make your mouth water! Like many others in town, we were fans of Uncle B’s even before it opened on the “southern side” of Phoenixville … and now, with its new location in one of Phoenixville’s original industrial structures, live music on Saturdays, and a collaboration with Root Down to offer exclusive beers and a seasonal outdoor Biergarten, we can see that it is poised to become a major feather in Phoenixville’s cap.

Uncle B's BBQ Phoenixville
Uncle B’s BBQ Phoenixville

We stopped by for lunch today and were pleased to see that “B” (Brian) was on hand, stopping by his guests’ tables to chat and make sure that everyone was happy with their meal. Everyone was … and why wouldn’t they be? Everything is delicious!

Brian was born and bred in the deep south. He grew up in homestyle kitchens in Alabama on the banks of the Tennessee River, where he learned the fine art of smoking meat at a young age.

Brian, aka "Uncle B"
Brian, aka “Uncle B”

You may not realize it (and neither did I when I was there, or I would have ordered it!), but the northwestern region of Alabama is famous for its Alabama White Sauce. It’s said to be a “lip-smackin’ mixture of horseradish, mayo, pepper, citrus, and vinegar that kicks every dish up a notch!” … and you had better believe that I will be trying that next time. Of course, that brings us to The Big Question:

To Sauce or Not To Sauce?

Uncle B’s has chosen NOT to sauce. All of their meats are served UNsauced, but there are lots of Uncle B’s sauces to choose from so that you can definitely have your meat and eat it too.

Uncle B's BBQ Pulled Pork Sammich
Uncle B’s BBQ Pulled Pork Sammich

This time, I chose Uncle B’s Firebird sauce (a tasty tribute to our much-loved town) for my BBQ Pulled Pork Sammich (oh yeah, it is a “sammich” … which is 10x better than a sandwich). The Firebird sauce definitely brings the flavor, but only a touch of heat, although that is fine with me because I don’t like things that are set-your-mouth-on-fire hot. The yucca chips are pretty tasty too, but of course, it is the MEAT and the BUN that are the stars of this show. It.Was.Real.Good. Like so good that I want another one for dinner.

Inside Uncle B's
Inside Uncle B’s

You can also order your meal “By Da Pound” … and that is what Chuck ordered. Rubbed with their house blend and smoked fresh daily, you can order pork, chicken, brisket, and jackfruit by the 1/4, 1/2, or 1 lb. with a choice of BBQ sauce on the side.

I would love to try everything on the menu and share my thoughts with you, but let’s be honest … I will probably just get the BBQ Pulled Pork Sammich every single time because it was just that good.

On the other hand, I will be trying “All Da Beer!”

Uncles B’s + Root Down = The Total Package

Uncle B’s has partnered with Root Down Brewing Company which operates the bar inside the restaurant, offering beers brewed exclusively to pair with Uncle B’s menu.

Mike, Owner of Root Down Brewing Company at Uncle B's
Mike, Owner of Root Down Brewing Company at Uncle B’s

Mike, the owner of Root Down, was behind the bar. I would have asked which one he recommended the most, but I am sure I will eventually try them all anyway. This time around, I went with “Money” … and it was on it for sure! Actually, it is called “Funny Money,” and it is a Hazy IPA (6.9% ABV). I liked it. 😀

Root Down Brewing Company at Uncle B's BBQ
Root Down Brewing Company Craft Beer brewed exclusively for Uncle B’s BBQ

Click here to visit Uncle B’s website for hours and directions.

Uncle B's Southern-Style BBQ in Phoenixville
Brian, aka "Uncle B"

Restaurant Name: Uncle B's Southern-Style BBQ in Phoenixville

Restaurant Description: Unassuming stop for slow-cooked, barbecued meats & down-home sides.

Price range: $10 - $15

Address: 425 Bridge St, Phoenixville, PA 19460

Cuisine: Southern Style BBQ

Telephone: (610) 935-1363

  • Uncle B's Food
  • Root Down's Beer
  • Seating & Service
  • Atmosphere
  • Parking


If you are craving BBQ in Pennsylvania, there is only one place to go. Uncle B’s BBQ features authentic, southern-style BBQ that is going to make your mouth water!


  • Great Food!
  • Great Beer!
  • Great Time!
  • Parking!!!


  • I wasn’t crazy about the coleslaw.
  • The on-screen menu when you order is kind of annoying because it keeps switching … and, I can’t read that fast!

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