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What's Happening in Phoenixville?!!

I am so glad you asked!

Phoenixville Chamber of CommerceAs one of the newest members of the Phoenixville Chamber of Commerce, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and my team, and to share our mission of showcasing Phoenixville PA on the web.

My name is Christine Taylor (formerly Christine DeGraff), owner of Websketching, and the Editor of Phoenixville Online. I have 20+ years experience in web development and SEO to bring to the table, as well as a passion for grassroots marketing.

I want Phoenixville Online to be your guide to help you learn about our town and the many things to do each month. Be sure to join our Facebook Group to stay in the know!

Our Festivals & Events

Ready to explore our town's festivals & events? Be it our vibrant First Fridays, our unique Blobfest, the rustic charms of our Farmers Market, or our incredible Firebird Festival, we are proud to use our platforms and our grassroots marketing experience to help promote the events that give our town its distinct identity.

Our Breweries

Excited about Phoenixville's craft beer scene? Embark on a beer tasting adventure as our Resident Beer Expert, Andrij Harasewych, Editor-in-Chief of The Craft Beer Diaries explores the breweries in Phoenixville and beyond!

Our Restaurants

Looking for a local restaurant? If you're in the mood to treat your taste buds, check out our 2023 Phoenixville Restaurant Directory ... and stay tuned as we continue to work on and improve our newest website venture, PXVrestaurants.com.

Advertise With Us

I am delighted to introduce you to Sarah DeGraff, our new Business Relations Manager. Sarah will serve as the vital link between local businesses and our platform and will be your go-to resource for maximizing your visibility and reach within our thriving community.

Advertising with us provides you with the opportunity to reach your target audience, showcase your business, and grow your brand. It will also allow us to continue our efforts to help build Phoenixville's online presence. If you would like to showcase your business on our website, feel free to reach out to Sarah by contacting us.

Join Us & Let's Grow Together

On another note, our commitment goes beyond being a digital platform; our heart is in the community, with every resident and business that helps define Phoenixville, PA. We live here, work here, and shop here. Our restaurant recommendations are not sponsored and are based on our personal experiences and research.

As our website continues to grow, we will be adding information about the many resources that the Borough of Phoenixville offers, as well as information about the wonderful non-profit organizations in our town.

And so, we welcome all those driven by the same passion to get involved in Phoenixville Online. Whether you're a budding writer with fascinating local stories to share, or a passionate individual eager to contribute to the growth of our community, we invite you to join us in our journey.

I also invite you to become a part of our expanding community! Sign up for our free email updates to find out What's Happening in Phoenixville and be sure to join our group on Facebook!

Thank you for stopping by, and we hope to see you often, both here and on the streets!

Christine Taylor
Editor, Phoenixville Online

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