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Written by Christine

I “met” Michael Dinnella from Server Sorcery online in the Phoenixville – Our Kind Of Town group on Facebook where he was busy “promoting” every company except for his own in a call for nominations for a business to receive a free page here on this site. I like that. It actually reaffirms something that I read on his website which reads, “Tell us about your technology needs, and we’ll guide you to a solution even if it doesn’t make us any money.” Again, I like that. Not everything in this world is about money, even in business. I have always had the philosophy that sometimes I will make money, and sometimes I won’t, but it will all eventually even out. It sounds like Michael has that philosophy, too.


I was actually a website developer for many years back in the early 2000’s, and I did a talk for my (then) local Chamber of Commerce about why having NO website was better than having an unprofessional or outdated website… that is still my mantra today… so I was very pleased to read this on Michael’s Facebook page:

“Having no website is better than a bad website. Missing SSL, no mobile friendly site, broken links, ‘copyright 2013’ at the bottom of every page…the list goes on, and could be costing you in lost business. Whether you run a restaurant or a manufacturing company, sell stuff, services or experiences, a good website makes you look like you know what you’re doing in your industry.” ~ Michael Dinnella, Server Sorcery

I agree 100%, Michael! It sounds like you get it and I am very pleased to write about your business and hope it brings you new customers; in fact, you have at least one because I know who I am going to call the next time I need some technology help! Again, thank you for all of your recommendations for local businesses to promote, but as I said, I choose you. It is nice to know that there are business owners like you serving the Phoenixville area.

Server Sorcery Technology ConsultingServer Sorcery is a technology consulting company serving our local Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester counties, as well as the greater Philadelphia area. Specializing in the needs of personal, small, and mid-sized businesses, Server Sorcery can handle everything from setting up email on your computer to cloud and datacenter deployments… trust me, that is a big range and is definitely a “no job is too big or small” attitude!

If for some reason Server Sorcery can’t help you, they will be able to recommend someone who can.

Services include:

  • Websites
  • Networks
  • Custom Workstations
  • Development, Integrations, and more

Areas of expertise include:

  • Windows, O365, and more
  • Open source technology – Linux, Apache, GPL, etc.
  • Encryption, data protection, and monitoring
  • Cloud, co-locations, physical infrastructure – connect everything

To get in touch with Server Sorcery, fill out the contact form on their website, or click here to schedule an appointment.