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Phoenixville COVID-19 Resources (Chester County)

Written by Andrij Harasewych

Highlighting your best resources and links with updates on the Covid-19 crisis for Phoenixville (Chester County, Pennsylvania).

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We wanted to create this page because of the rampant misinformation found across websites, social media, and even some of our professional media outfits. We’re not saying don’t trust the experts – quite the opposite: Don’t trust ignorant and misinformed entertainers and armchair analysts.

Let’s Lead with Science.

The situation that our country is facing right now is once-in-a-century. Only by quick, decisive action can we do what’s best for us, and for the planet. And this includes abiding by stay-at-home and quarantine orders. On this post we’ll be highlighting some of the best resources and links with updates on the Covid-19 crisis for Phoenixville (Chester County, Pennsylvania).

Questions About COVID-19?

Local Coronavirus Resources

Please note, we may not have many confirmed cases, but that has simply been due to the lack of testing availability. We must continue to treat people outside of our household as asymptomatic carriers, even if you think you “have a good chance of being fine,” this isn’t about you, and this isn’t even about the virus itself – this is about the ability of our healthcare system to manage the influx of patients, about doctors not having to make decisions about who lives, and who dies.

I don’t want to frighten anyone, I simply want you to grasp the seriousness of the situation. We CAN get through this, and although I think our lives will change quite a bit moving forward, we will find a new normal, businesses will adapt, and people will work again.

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