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CVL Boozy Bartender

Do you know what your next party needs to make it a whole ton of FUN? A bartender!

Meet Celso, your Boozy Bartender and your one-stop shop for professional bartending services for special events and weddings. Create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests by signing up to have Celso plan the bar experience for your special event. 

Knowledge, skill, and passion for the craft are only a few reasons why hiring CVL Boozy Bartender is the next step to make your party unforgettable. They are equipped to handle all types of events, from small intimate gatherings to large-scale weddings and everything in between.

bartender for hire

… but what about birthday parties?

Tailgate parties?

Backyard BBQs?

Block parties?

Family reunions?

We say, “Yes.” “Yesss.” “Yep.” “You Bet!” and “YES!”

Hiring a bartender can be much more affordable than you think; in fact, a good bartending service can save you money.

Shocking, right? We’ll clue you in on how that’s possible.

Based on your preferences and how many people will be at the party, CVL Boozy Bartender will build a bar for your event that is both cost-efficient and guaranteed to bring that WOW factor that your party needs. Advising you on the best choices based on how much of everything you will need, including mixers, beer, wine, hard alcohol, and everything in between, is what separates CVL Boozy Bartender services from the other competition.

A good bartender will make sure the drinks are poured properly and that your guests are served responsibly, pouring drinks accordingly as the night goes on…

An AMAZING bartender will bring life, pizzazz, and a flair of entertainment to the bar area, keeping your guests elated and having a great time. If that means that Uncle Bob only gets a tiny splash of gin with his double tonic, then so be it. Ultimately, you want to ensure that someone is paying attention so you can just relax and enjoy yourself. Remember, your guests are not bartenders, and if you set up a DIY bar, they will either not be able to make the drink they really want or they will over-pour… and that can be a real problem!

5 More Reasons to Hire a Bartender for Your Next Party

But saving money and making sure that your guests are being served responsibly are only the tip of the iceberg.

Here are five more reasons why a bartender for hire can make your next party a smashing success:

  1. You will be free to give your guests your full attention. As the host or hostess of the party, you should be mixing with your guests, not the drinks.
  2. No worries about setting up or cleaning up.  Everything will be ready in plenty of time before your guests arrive, and they will keep their area tidy during the party. At the end of the event, the bartending crew cleans up the bar.
  3. Your bartender will know how to make a wide variety of mixed beverages properly… think fancy cocktails, not just “mixed drinks.” From a proper martini to a good old-fashioned to a refreshing gimlet, a professional mixologist is going to go well above the standard and boring “vodka tonic” or “rum and coke.”
  4. Speed and accuracy; an experienced bartender is knowledgeable on how to keep the line moving … all with a smile and a pleasant personality so your guests feel that they have received only the best service.
  5. Hiring a professional service will make your event memorable for you and your guests. Sure, bartenders are expected at fancy events in big spaces, but seeing a mixologist serving up signature cocktails at a birthday party really sets the tone. Sometimes, you just want to make things a little extra special.

Bartender for Hire in Chester County, PA

CVL Boozy Bartender is available for any event, big or small. We will meet with you before your event to determine your needs and to help plan a shopping list so you can purchase everything we will need to set up your bar … without any markups or hidden charges. On the day of the event, everything from setup to cleanup will be taken care of so that you can enjoy your party without any worries. Visit our website to learn more and be sure to follow us on social!

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