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Best Pizza in Phoenixville

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Update 7/22/2021: The winner of the National Pizza Day 2020 Best Pizza in Phoenixville Contest HANDS DOWN was Vecchia Pizzeria, receiving 313 of the 842 votes cast (37%). The runner ups were Valley Forge Pizza with 136 votes, Hog Island Steaks with 76 votes, Bella Napoli Pizzeria with 70 votes, and Palermo’s Pizza with 55 votes. The pandemic delayed our review, but we plan to have a pizza party soon and will share photos on Facebook when we do!

Pictured Above: Soppersata (Italian Dry Salami), Mushroom, & Onion Pizza from Vecchia Pizza!

Note: Voting is now closed. We are planning another contest soon!

Best Pizza in Phoenixville Contest

To celebrate National Pizza Day #NationalPizzaDay (2/9/2020), we thought it would be fun to try to figure out which restaurant or pizzeria has the Best Pizza in Phoenixville … and what better way to do it than by having a contest and then going to taste the winning pizza?!!

Our visitors can vote by clicking the heart symbol next to their favorite pizza parlor below and the restaurant with the most votes at the end of the month will be declared the winner. Of course, we know that identifying the best pizza isn’t going to be easy, so be sure to read our tips below and then go order yourself a few slices to get started! Since we know that many of you might find a new “best” during the course of the month, you can vote once per day per IP address.

Note: Voting is now closed. We are planning another contest soon!

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Be sure to come back to vote often, especially after you try the pizza from each of these restaurants!

Note: Voting is now closed. We are planning another contest soon!

Only restaurants and pizza parlors in Phoenixville are eligible. National chains, such as Domino’s Pizza, will not be considered. Nominate your favorite pizza place or restaurant that has great pizza by emailing mail[at] or message us on Facebook. 

Pizza Judging Tips

  1. It’s all about the crust. You cannot have a good slice of pizza without good dough, so be sure to check the crust. If the dough was prepared properly, it was given enough time to rise and rest. It also needs to be baked in a good pizza oven so that the toppings are able to fully cook without burning the crust. Chck to make sure the bottom of the pie is well done, so that you get a nice crisp bite, but not burnt. Also, make sure that the crust is nicely toasted on the outside, but light and fluffy on the inside. The slice should be nice and pliant, not stiff; and, it should be evenly cooked all around.
  2. The sauce is pretty damn important, too. You are looking for a great sauce that tastes savory and bright, not sweet or dull. Ask to get a little extra sauce on the side so you can give it a good taste.
  3. Fresh ingredients are a MUST! No wilted, packaged, or canned ingredients. You want quality ingredients, such as whole, fresh vegetables that are hand-picked, washed, and chopped in-house and that are vibrant and hold up well even after they are cooked.
  4. Let’s talk about the cheese. Is it fully melted? Evenly distributed? Does it have lovely golden tints here and there? Is it the right amount? A great pizza is going to have a generous amount of cheese, but not so much that it throws it off balance and weighs the slice down. You want to taste the cheese, but you want to taste everything else, too.
  5. How does it taste? Obviously, the pizza must taste great! Not just good … great. Let’s raise the bar here! We do NOT care about price, service, or atmosphere (although, of course, restaurant cleanliness should go without saying). We aren’t looking for cheap pizza or the fastest delivery times here, we are looking for the best pizza!

Let’s just hope that our reader’s are a better judge of good pizza than this…


Thanks for participating!

A collaboration by locals who love the borough of Phoenixville, PA, and its businesses. #pxvonline

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